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Any person exposed to asbestos is at risk of developing an asbestos related injury or illness. If you have developed an asbestos related injury or illness you may be able to claim compensation, even if your exposure to asbestos was many years ago. Adviceline Injury Lawyers can help.

For more than 40 years we have provided expert advice to injured Victorians, helping them access the compensation they deserve.

Adviceline Injury Lawyers has been ranked in the 2016 edition of Doyle’s Guide as a leading Victorian Asbestos and Dust Diseases Compensation law firm.  The guide details firms practising within the areas of asbestos and dust diseases compensation matters in the Victorian legal market who have been identified by the state’s defendant insurance lawyers for their expertise and abilities assisting plaintiff.

As testament to her hard work and dedication to providing the very best client service, Bree Knoester has been ranked as a leading practitioner in Asbestos & Dust Diseases Compensation for 2016/17.

I am affected by an asbestos related injury or illness. What can I do?

Asbestos is widely recognised as an occupational health hazard and major cause of human injury and death.  Airborne asbestos fibres which are inhaled or swallowed may remain in the body for decades, and disease can develop many years after first exposure.

The most common asbestos in Australia is white asbestos, but all forms are capable of causing lung cancer, mesothelioma (aggressive cancer of the lungs, stomach, abdomen or bowel), pleural fibrosis (thickened patch on the lining or pleura of the lung) and asbestosis (scarring of the lungs).

Asbestos manufacture and use today has all but ceased, however it can still be found in:

  • asbestos-cement sheets, roofing and pipes
  • paints and sealants
  • brake linings, gaskets and friction products
  • textiles including felts and curtains
  • sprayed on sound proofing or fire proofing.

In the unfortunate event that you or a family member is affected by an asbestos related injury or illness, it is important to get the right advice.  To start the process of claiming compensation you should:

  • Seek medical treatment
  • Speak to a lawyer for independent advice.

Our industry recognised legal experts provide independent, clear and practical guidance and have extensive experience assisting Victorians access compensation.



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