Workers’ Compensation

An injury at work can lead to severe financial strain to you and your family – loss of wages, medical, physiotherapy and pharmaceutical bills just to name a few. Workers’ compensation laws can be complex and difficult to understand, so you need to obtain the best advice about your rights and entitlements. Murdoch Clarke has a number of senior practitioners each with over 20 years experience in the workers’ compensation area, so contact Murdoch Clarke to ensure you know where you stand.

Making A Claim

If you are injured at work you should tell your employer about the injury and how it occurred as soon as you can. You should also complete a claim form and give that to your employer with any medical certificate. Strict time frames apply to making a claim.

What Can You Obtain?

If you have a work injury you can be paid :

  • weekly compensation (wages) for your time off work;
  • your medical expenses;
  • rehabilitation expenses;
  • housekeeping;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  •  other benefits including a lump sum for any permanent impairment suffered.


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