Through absolutely no fault of their own, hundreds of hard-working Australians are diagnosed with asbestos diseases each year in Australia. They may have worked with asbestos, washed asbestos-polluted clothes, or played in asbestos as a child. But the result is the same – decades after the exposure they develop an asbestos disease, often a lung cancer called mesothelioma.

At Rightside we take a special approach to clients with asbestos disease. We’ll work flat out to give you the best result as fast as possible. We’ll do the work on a no win no fee basis. In other words you don’t pay anything until you win. But we go much further. Unlike most firms we don’t charge a 20% or 25% surcharge on top of our fees. That saves our clients thousands of dollars compared to what they might otherwise pay.

If talk about surcharges and uplifts sounds confusing here’s what we mean. Lawyers who work on a no win no fee basis are entitled by law to charge an uplift (or surcharge) on their legal fees of up to 25%. That’s supposed to compensate for the risk and cost of doing work on a no win no fee basis. And when the claim is over many lawyers do what they’re legally entitled to do. The fees are calculated and up to 25% added on to the top. At Rightside we won’t do that. We will work no win no fee and we will not impose an uplift or surcharge. Not only that, in many cases we are prepared to agree to a cap on legal fees to give you greater legal certainty.

So that’s our promise to asbestos clients. No win, no fee. No surcharge or uplift. And where appropriate, we’ll cap your fees. Plus we’ll deliver a first-class, high-speed service.


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