Asbestos and other industrial asthma and respiratory illnesses

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We’ve won large payouts for hundreds of asbestos sufferers across Australia.

The diseases which arise from asbestos contamination typically take many years to appear. Early symptoms such as shortness of breath can develop into more serious problems such as tumours only after many years have passed.

This is why it is important, if you have worked with asbestos, that you make a record of your employment dates and the nature of your work. In order to help you, RCT operates a dedicated record-keeping system.

This will keep your records confidential and safe in case you ever have to access them or make an asbestos-related claim. Note also that this applies equally to family members who may have lived with someone who worked in an asbestos-prone industry. Please let us know if you would like to have us collect and retain this information for you.

As employers may contest claims to compensation, it is important that you keep accurate and comprehensive records which can be used by our legal team to support your claim.

Important – take immediate action

If you have been exposed to asbestos, it is vital that you record the details of your work history – even if you don’t have any immediate symptoms.

If you or one of your family members does become sick, these details will be important both for future medical diagnosis and to help pursue your entitlements to compensation.

What are my legal rights?

Legal action can be brought against:

  • Manufacturers of asbestos products
  • Employers
  • Occupiers of premises that have allowed asbestos products to be used.

What if I’m a smoker?

It doesn’t matter. Smoking neither exacerbates nor causes asbestos diseases. You are still entitled to compensation.

What if my employer has gone out of business?

You can still make a claim against the former employer’s insurance company.

What about legal costs?

Our No Win No Fee OR Expenses policy applies to all asbestos litigation.

What other support is available?

Along with a proper diet and exercise, it’s important to have your condition checked regularly by your doctor. With a careful and informed approach to their illness, people can enjoy improved quality of life.

The Victorian union movement also offers support with medical diagnosis, treatment and counselling.

External resources:

Workers’ Occupational Health Centre
Victorian Trades Hall Council Building
54 Victoria Street
Carlton South Victoria 3053
Tel: 9662 4820